How do I contact Silent Witness?
You can call the Havasu Silent Witness Tip Line at (928) 854-TIPS (8477). Also check out the Havasu Silent Witness web page for information about crimes or wanted suspects. The website is at www.havasusilentwitness.org. When you call Silent Witness your information will be taken in the strictest confidence. Anonymity is protected and you never have to give your name. You will be given a code number. This should be kept to yourself in order to remain anonymous. After several weeks call Havasu Silent Witness back. Provide your confidential tip number and you will receive an update on the status of the investigation. * DO NOT * use Silent Witness to report crimes in progress. For crimes in progress or for an incident requiring immediate police response dial 911 or call the Lake Havasu Police Department dispatch non-emergency phone number at (928) 855-4111.
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